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Why isn’t tumblr all over Helen Clark? She was not only the first elected female prime minister of New Zealand but she’s also the first female administrator of the UNDP, the third highest position in the United Nations. She was against the Iraq War, saying that a war in Iraq would make the world LESS safe from terrorism instead of more safe. She is also a proponent for gender equality, saying that “any serious shift towards more sustainable societies has to include gender equality” AND doesn’t shy away from acknowledging society’s problems - including the country that she was the Prime Minister of, admitting to Sir Ian McKellen that "New Zealand was really a very racist country, and she was determined to do everything she could as prime minister to change that”.

She is seriously one of my heroes and I wish more people knew about her.

Yep. She served three terms and is one of our longest serving leaders. The country flourished under her leadership and she promoted disarmament and antimilitarism, free trade, human rights and true democracy. Due to her, we were the first country in the world to sign a free trade agreement with China.

In 2012 she was ranked the 23rd most powerful person in the world.

The Solomon Islands awarded her with [can’t remember the exact name f the honour] for restoring law, order and peace to the nation and our country voted her as the greatest New Zealander.

She and her party

  1. bulldozed the conservatives to give more power to workers and their unions
  2. they started “Closing the Gaps” which was a movement targeting Maori employees and trying to make sure they were being paid and treated fairly
  3. decriminalised prostitution
  4. legalised civil unions
  5. started things like Kiwibank and Kiwisaver
  6. refused to send troops to Iraq
  7. abolished interest on student loans
  8. brought in ‘time and a half’- employees being paid their usual wage, plus half that again when working on public holidays + gave workers four weeks’ paid annual leave
  9. created more than 800 jobs in the mental health sector, most of these jobs being part of a national support system for those suffering mental illness. 800 doesn’t sound like many, but at that point, our entire population was only three million remember
  10. introduced bills that made buying a house actually do-able for those previously unable

Helen Clark’s a fucking international icon and an absolute pioneer in so, SO many ways. I can’t extol her virtues and strength enough

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